Scout Troop 8481

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Welcome to the games page!

Some tips for using the game page:This page may take a long time to load, so please be patient. All Scratch based games (games with large green flag on starting screen) can be started and stoped using the flag and stop sign icons at the top of the game. And finaly, make sure you click the game you wish to play, or the game won't work corectly.

Controls for Space Invaders: Arrow keys-move;Space bar-shoot

Controls for Hexagon: Arrow keys-move

Controls for The Impossible Game: Up arrow/click-jump

Controls for Inverted are shown in the levels

Controls for Pinball:Left and right arrow keys-pinball flippers

TIP:The Turk is very slow. To speed his thinking up, before you start the game, hold shift and click the green flag.